Non-ferrous metals recycling

We have complete lines and individual machines for processing non-ferrous metals. The full range of machines responsible for the processing includes the values ​​of the highest processing values ​​of non-ferrous metals while maintaining the quality of the processed material. We invite you to check our offers.

Non-ferrous metals include, among others, zinc, copper, tin, lead, brass, bronze and aluminum. It is worth recycling, because the costs of their use are ten times lower than the production of metal from ore.

One of the colored metals that can be recycled is aluminum, used for the production of cables and connections, beverage cans, food film and as an alloying additive for the production of bronze, brass and zinc alloys. Copper is another native metal that is recyclable. It is used is available by the construction sector, and copper recovery gives considerable energy resources and a wide reduction in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere

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