Why TA-PO? Because we have the best way to optimize ferrous scrap separation.


With TA-PO separators, an additional separation is made between magnetic and partially magnetic materials, resulting in a purer iron fraction ready for immediate reuse.

Both fractions represent a higher value.


When TA-PO 1000 is used for separating copper particles, the iron fraction contains less than 0.2% copper particles.


Recovery Rate: The recovery rate can reach up to 99.3% when using TA-PO 1000.


Uptime: Quality and simplicity are our motto. One of the key criteria in designing TA-PO machines was uptime. Thanks to innovative design of various components, maintenance is minimal and can be performed quickly.


Proven Results: Our machine has proven its effectiveness in practice. With a stable and high-quality process, maintenance time is only 0.4% of single-shift working time, and maintenance costs are only 2.2% of the annual investment. This translates to low operational costs.


Increase Material Recovery: TA-PO sets a new standard in high-quality separation. TA-PO 1000 continues where manual sorting ends. Immediate reuse of materials supports a circular economy.

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